Campaign #5 - Abdication of Democracy

With C-71 the Liberal government will remove the ability for itself to overrule an RCMP classification. They insist all the RCMP need do is follow the Firearms Act and classification will work as it should. But history has shown us that time and again the RCMP make mistakes. We also know that the definitions for the prohibited class in the Firearms Act are particularly open to interpretation (Mossberg Blaze-47 for example). Let the government know that abdicating this slice of democracy is unacceptable and we will hold them accountable for the classifcation decisions of the RCMP regardless.

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Campaign #5 Email

The Hon. Ralph Goodale, P.C., M.P.:

In a democracy the elected government not only makes law and regulation, but it oversees the various departments that implement those laws and regulations. Deliberately removing government's ability to exercise oversight of a department's implementation of specific law and regulation is surgically removing a piece of democracy. In this case the fact it is the nation's police force is especially reprehensible. Some have called it the beginnings of a police state.

In Parliament you stated the RCMP would use the law as outlined in the Firearms Act to properly classify firearms. Not only is the Firearms Act vague (particularly with respect to "variant") but the RCMP has a demonstrated history of incorrectly classifying firearms based upon it. You have recognized that yourself publicly. Bill C-71 is in part an admission of the mistakes the RCMP have made. Why remove government's ability to consult with firearms experts independent of the RCMP and make corrections when necessary? Your government will most certainly be held accountable by the people for the actions of the RCMP even without such oversight ability.

The power of the Governing Council to correct RCMP classification mistakes (which are inevitable) by declaring a firearm to be non-restricted must not be revoked.

While classification is not a rural issue, the fastest growing segment is urban sport shooters, I will leave you with this quote from one of your most experienced and senior MP's:

"We haven't learned as the Liberal party, if you're going to form, if you're going to develop policy if you're going to implement policy, you have to form government. And we need rural Canada in our camp. And I can tell you gun control cost us in rural Canada at least 60 seats"
-- Wayne Easter, Feb 21, 2014

Yours sincerely,

Cc: The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada
, M.P., House of Commons
Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice
Hon. Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage
Hon. Larry Bagnell, M.P., House of Commons
Hon. Wayne Easter, M.P., House of Commons
Bill Blair, M.P., House of Commons
Sean Casey, M.P., House of Commons
Mark Holland, M.P., House of Commons
Marco Mendicino, M.P., House of Commons
T.J. Harvey, M.P., House of Commons
Gudie Hutchings, M.P., House of Commons
Bob Zimmer, M.P., House of Commons

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