Campaign #4 - Prohibition

With C-71 the Liberal government will prohibit CZ-858 and Swiss Arms Classic rifles. While they are offering "grandfathering", make no mistake, it is outright confiscation without compensation. Just ask the current owners of 12.x grandfathered rifles who can no longer even take them to a range to shoot them or pass them on to their children. Ask them what the value of their rifles are now that the potential market has been restricted to just those with the exact same 12.x license. But what makes this part of C-71 even worse is it is by design this deliberate confiscation will take a bit of time to complete, so they are not on the hook for a massive compensation bill of over $9 million dollars! Instead owners of these rifles will slowly and quietly lose their property and it will happen out of public scrutiny of the media. Let them know you aren't fooled and there will be a massive backlash come the 2019 federal election if they don't remove this prohibition.

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Campaign #4 Email

The Hon. Ralph Goodale, P.C., M.P.:

You introduced bill C-71, part of which will result in the prohibiting of the CZ-858 and Swiss Arms Classic rifles, citing public safety concerns. There are well over 12,000 of these rifles in the hands of licensed Canadians who lawfully purchased them. While it is hard to determine their collective value it is easily $9 million or more. Yet you are going to confiscate them without compensation.

While C-71 provides a framework for "grandfathering" these rifles to their owners, we know from the recent history of prior Liberal governments eventually the owners of these rifles will no longer be authorized to take them to a shooting range. Right off the bat they will be limited to being used only at ranges registered for the firing of prohibited rifles as set out under the current Firearms Act. No more hunting or target shooting on crown land or private property. We also know from recent history without the ability to sell these rifles to the wider gun community as the non-restricted and restricted rifles they once were, their value will plummet. Confiscation without compensation over a few years done quietly and well after C-71 has left the spotlight. Sneaky! But we are not fooled.

The prohibition itself, being sold to the public as a public safety concern and part of a campaign promise to get "assault weapons off our streets", is an outright falsehood. It must be false, otherwise how could leaving 12,000 "dangerous" firearms in the hands of their owners solve the "problem" of their very existence? Obviously it does not. Public safety is not the real purpose of C-71, is it Mr. Goodale? No, C-71 is about appearing to "do something" about a perceived "gun violence" problem in Canada while in reality not doing anything other than provoking a 2 million strong voting demographic into action.

The backlash from this voting block (representing a potential 11% or more of the 2015 voter turnout) will be the same whether this government outright bans and confiscates these rifles directly or grandfathers them. Remove the prohibition of the CZ-858 and Swiss Arms Classic rifles from bill C-71 Mr Goodale.

Looking towards 2019, I leave you with this quote from one of your most experienced and senior MP's:

"We haven't learned as the Liberal party, if you're going to form, if you're going to develop policy if you're going to implement policy, you have to form government. And we need rural Canada in our camp. And I can tell you gun control cost us in rural Canada at least 60 seats"
-- Wayne Easter, Feb 21, 2014

Yours sincerely,

Cc: The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada
, M.P., House of Commons
Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice
Hon. Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage
Hon. Larry Bagnell, M.P., House of Commons
Hon. Wayne Easter, M.P., House of Commons
Bill Blair, M.P., House of Commons
Sean Casey, M.P., House of Commons
Mark Holland, M.P., House of Commons
Marco Mendicino, M.P., House of Commons
T.J. Harvey, M.P., House of Commons
Gudie Hutchings, M.P., House of Commons
Bob Zimmer, M.P., House of Commons

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