Campaign #2 - Shaky Ground

Next up are the MP's who only won their riding by a very slim margin. All of these MP's won by 5% or less, some by less than 1%! It is up to us to let them know that this bill will reduce their chances of re-election and in turn get them to put pressure on the Public Safety Minister. If you missed Campaign #1 it is still available in the top menu.

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Campaign #2 Email

Dear MP's:

Once again gun owners find themselves in Liberal crosshairs for the sake of a few votes. The Liberal Party's election platform promised to get handguns and assault weapons off the streets. Our guns aren't on the streets. They're locked up in our cabinets and safes, on the range or in the woods and fields with us.

Bill C-71 solely targets us licensed Canadians while doing nothing to target the unlicensed gangs and other criminals who are the only "gun problem" Canada has. We know that and you know that, yet to sell C-71 to Canadians the Public Safety Minister had to cherry pick statistics. The CBC even pointed this out in a recent article (ref 1), noting the Public Safety Minister deliberately chose 2013, an anomalous year that "saw Canada's lowest rate of criminal homicides in 50 years, and the lowest rate of fatal shootings ever recorded by Statistics Canada." What wouldn't look like a "dramatic" increase compared to that? We're certainly not fooled and neither is the public.

I also read an article (ref 2) at the CBC where a local community group focused on reducing gun violence by outreach to gangs and troubled youth is getting its federal funding cut. Yet this government claims C-71 is going to reduce gun violence? The curtain is being pulled back and Canadians are seeing this bill for what it is, pure theatre and an unwarranted attack on licensed gun owners. Bill C-71 needs to be drastically altered or scrapped altogether.

There are many rural ridings the Liberals and NDP only won with a slim majority. All the MP's addressed in this letter won their ridings by a margin of 5% or less. Could they flip in 2019? With the current state of C-71 gun owners will certainly be donating their time and money to ensure they do. While this government attempts to pit urban voters against rural voters I would remind you it is seats that count. How many seats are you willing to lose this time around? I will leave you with a quote from one of the Liberal Party's most senior and experienced MP's.

"We haven't learned as the Liberal party, if you're going to form, if you're going to develop policy if you're going to implement policy, you have to form government. And we need rural Canada in our camp. And I can tell you gun control cost us in rural Canada at least 60 seats"
-- Wayne Easter, Feb 21, 2014

Yours sincerely,

Refs: (1)

Cc: Nick Whalen, M.P., House of Commons
Alaina Lockhart, M.P., House of Commons
Bryan May, M.P., House of Commons
Mike Bossio, M.P., House of Commons
Bob Nault, M.P., House of Commons
Deb Schulte, M.P., House of Commons
Marc Serré, M.P., House of Commons
Kim Rudd, M.P., House of Commons
Niki Ashton, M.P., House of Commons
MaryAnn Mihychuk, M.P., House of Commons
Georgina Jolibois, M.P., House of Commons
Erin Weir, M.P., House of Commons
Wayne Stetski, M.P., House of Commons
Jati Sidhu, M.P., House of Commons
Celina Caesar-Chavannes, M.P., House of Commons
Dan Ruimy, M.P., House of Commons

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