One Clear Voice is a letter writing tool to fight bill C-71. If you are not familiar with bill C-71 then find out about it here and browse the More Tools menu above.

Campaign #20 - Individual Strength

Some Senators have stated they give no regard to form letters. They are un-elected so their rules. 100% personal letters they shall get, but we will BCC them so we can do it efficiently and often. Use this tool to easily send your personal letters. They don't have to be long or complex. Below are excerpts from the October 5th CSSA E-News on writing to the Senate:

Over the past three years, Senators have shown a far greater willingness to amend government bills than our MPs in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister can’t strip them of their Senate seats, making them far more amenable to common sense and far less affected by partisanship. It is in the Senate we believe resolutions could pass, dramatically reducing the harm of this legislation.

Your letter to the Senate does not need to be long and involved. It does, however, need to be original. Form letters do not make a positive impact.

Explain, simply and clearly, what you believe is wrong with this legislation and send an email copy to every Senator.

If you find letter writing an unpleasant or difficult task, use a section from The Bill C-71 Book to make your point. If you have not done so already, download your free copy from The book provides many examples of why Bill C-71 is bad legislation. Copy your favourite example into the body of your letter and send it to every Senator in the upper chamber.

We’re also told that email is as good as sending a physical letter.

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In the past had been a letter writing platform with several letter options. While varied letters and written letters are still important, this time round is going to run focused campaigns. There will be one letter per campaign and it will be email only. The purpose is to send a rapid flood of unified emails that will be attention getting in order to show our numbers and our resolve.

How It Works

You provide your postal code so that your MP can be determined. The campaign email will then be addressed to the Prime Minister, the Public Safety Minister, your MP and Principal Secretary to the PM Gerald Butts. Add your signature information and the email is ready to send. It needs to be sent by you (and not our server) so when you click the send button your default email application will open. You will then have the opportunity to make any edits to the email before your click send in your email application. Once you've sent the email go back to your browser and share via Twitter or Facebook if you are so inclined. Click the blue Take Action button above to get started!


This website does not record any information you provide. While you are asked for your postal code (to look up your MP), your name and location, none of this information is retained on's server.

About One Clear Voice

One Clear Voice is an independent project created to help Canada's vast gun community, their friends and family, easily communicate with their government. Specifically it is a tool to voice our collective concern over bad law that addresses a non-existent problem and fails to address the tougher problem of gangs, criminals and their misuse of firearms. was created and is wholly owned and operated by myself, Doug McComber. I've been a licensed gun owner, starting with an FAC, since 1989. I belong to several gun rights organizations and participate in popular Canadian gun forums (you might know me as Doug_M). Being a developer by trade I thought why not create something to bring us all together to help raise our collective voice. And so here we are! I want to thank everyone who has participated and to those who have shared One Clear Voice all over the 'net.

I may not be able to reply to everyone, but you can reach me here: