One Clear Voice is a letter writing tool to fight bill C-71. If you are not famiiliar with bill C-71 then find out about it here and browse the More Tools menu above.

Campaign #12 - Thug Life

During debate of C-71 in the House of Commons Monday night (June 4th), MP Mark Holland called gun owners thugs and suggested C-71's ATT changes were necessary to stop our thug behaviour.

"By having clear legislation on the requirement to have an authorization to transport, that sends that clear message that one cannot just drive around with a restricted or prohibited weapon anywhere one wants to go. I think that is a reasonable way of working with law-abiding firearms owners to make sure we do not have thugs who can just throw weapons in the back of their car, and drive anywhere they want to go."

An hon. member: "What do thugs do?"

Mr. Mark Holland: "What thugs do, is to make sure that they are able to keep weapons in their car and not have to answer any questions. That is what they are going to do. They are going to put the weapons in the car and drive wherever they go. They know that if they are pulled over by a police officer, all they have to do is list one of a million different places to explain where they are going. That is what this legislation changes.

Are you going to take that? I'm not! Call and write Mr. Holland today and let him know you and I are not thugs.

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In the past had been a letter writing platform with several letter options. While varied letters and written letters are still important, this time round is going to run focused campaigns. There will be one letter per campaign and it will be email only. The purpose is to send a rapid flood of unified emails that will be attention getting in order to show our numbers and our resolve.

How It Works

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About One Clear Voice

One Clear Voice is an independent project created to help Canada's vast gun community, their friends and family, easily communicate with their government. Specifically it is a tool to voice our collective concern over bad law that addresses a non-existent problem and fails to address the tougher problem of gangs, criminals and their misuse of firearms. was created and is wholly owned and operated by myself, Doug McComber. I've been a licensed gun owner, starting with an FAC, since 1989. I belong to several gun rights organizations and participate in popular Canadian gun forums (you might know me as Doug_M). Being a developer by trade I thought why not create something to bring us all together to help raise our collective voice. And so here we are! I want to thank everyone who has participated and to those who have shared One Clear Voice all over the 'net.

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